On Getting Fit Or Semi-Fit Or At Least Stop Being Unfit (Hopefully)

It’s sixth period gym class. I’m in seventh grade, wearing awkward red gym shorts that fall to my knees and an oversized Nike t-shirt that looked a lot cooler on the rack when I begged my stepmom to buy it for me. My long hair is pulled back into a frizzy ponytail┬ápulled way too tight on my skull and I’m dreading the inevitable words that always begin┬ámy least favorite day of the week: “We’re playing dodgeball today.”

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Unboxing Birchbox Review: October 2016

Slow it down, ladies!

This month, Birchbox is begging you to take a deep breath, unwind and take a moment to smell the roses. September wheeled in all the hectic tasks of an ending vacation season and a new schoolyear; since then, when was the last time you took a break?

So, put on a face masque, comb that leave-in conditioner into your hair and chill.


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Unboxing Ipsy Review: October 2016

Ipsy‘s theme this month was Black Magic. They focused on the transformational powers of makeup to change up your look with ease, whether that be creating a gorgeous glowy complexion on a dull skinned day or experimenting with unique eye shadow colors that you’ve never used before.

Ipsy teamed up with Valfre this October to create the cutest, spookiest bag of all time. A little gimmicky, sure, but as a Halloween-enthusiast, I loved it.

Now, onto the samples!


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