Glossier’s Moisturizing Moon Mask and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Review

After my glowing review of Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint and Boy Brow and subsequent induction of the products into my holy grail stash, I was eager to try out even more of Glossier. For weeks, I browsed their website longingly until finally, finally, finally they had a Black Friday sale and all my self control swirled right down the drain.


I ordered the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Detoxifying Face Mask ($22) and the Moisturizing Moon Mask Soothing Face Treatment ($22) while everything on the website was 25% off. I suggest keeping an eye out for their sales by joining the mailing list because you seriously won’t want to miss out the next time this happens.

I was initially more excited about the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. I usually only buy face masks that promise to thoroughly cleanse my skin and detox all of the gunk clogging my pores. The Moisturizing Moon Mask was added to my cart as an afterthought to qualify me for free shipping.

DSC_0042 (1)DSC_0044DSC_0045

I started by applying the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and lounging on the couch for the required twenty minutes. Side note: my fellow four-eyed ladies, what do you do while you mask? I usually lay on my back and hold my phone screen absurdly close to my face or I hunch close to my laptop and squint at the screen. There’s really no graceful way to spend time in a face mask if you can’t see.

Anyway, the mask was a thick consistency and it tingled in the best way possible the whole time I had it on. I could almost feel it drawing all the dirt out of my skin as it hardened and became translucent. Bonus: the pleasant tingling never really stopped.

I rinsed it off thoroughly after twenty minutes. Aside from all the detoxing, it also provided some exfoliation from the tiny bits of bitter orange peel in the mask. My skin was a little pink afterwards and I could see a pimple or two emerging, but that often happens when a detoxing mask draws everything to the surface.


As instructed by Glossier, I followed this treatment immediately with the second mask. Masking twice in one day felt a bit odd, but I refused to doubt their methods. Besides, after that thorough cleaning of oils and impurities, my skin definitely felt like it could use some TLC.

The instructions were the same, but this one was supposed to be calming and moisturizing to the skin. Used together, these two products are supposed to be a match made in face mask heaven. That’s the place where we all have flawless skin, right?


The creamy consistency spread over my skin and sank in. It tingled for a little bit, then gradually subsided. It almost felt like a very thick, very intense moisturizer. You can also use this as a night mask for even better results.

After rinsing, my face felt wonderful and the redness was gone. Both masks worked perfectly with each other to cover all my skincare needs- exfoliation, deep cleaning and lots of moisturizing. Glossier does it again, two more perfect products you need to add to your collection!

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Author: Nicolette

Nicolette is a writer-of-things from the east coast who cries over happy things and drinks too much coffee.

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