How I Use Sea Salt Spray with my Naturally Curly Hair – Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist Review

A long time ago, I used to think that sea salt sprays were not meant for curly-haired girls like myself. All my curly-haired goddesses out there, this one’s for you.

Having curly hair is incredibly high maintenance and can be frustrating at times. When I wear my hair naturally curly, it needs something moisturizing with a strong hold that won’t cause crunchy ends; sea salt spray isn’t enough to manage my thick, wild hair. When I wear my hair straight, I never use a sea salt spray for fear of ruining a perfectly silky smooth blowout.

For years, I ignored the product without giving it a second thought whenever I browsed through the aisles of beauty stores. It simply wasn’t meant for me, I thought.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Sea salt spray is a great, versatile product that can be used on any type of hair. If you use it correctly, it will work with your natural texture to create volume and beachy waves like you’ve just stepped off a beach in mid-July. Who doesn’t want that low maintenance, easy style to fall back on when you oversleep in the morning?

On my first attempt to include it into my routine, I purchased Lush’s Sea Spray Hair Mist ($13.95) because it was relatively cheap, smelled delightful and had good reviews online. Also, because it was from Lush and anything from Lush is almost always of great quality with incredible fragrance. Don’t even get me started on how much I love that store.

Here’s the secret to using this magical elixir on naturally curly hair: only use it on second or third day hair. Whether you embrace your curls or you straighten them into silky submission, wait it out. Do your usual routine and let time pass.

Once your natural oils make their way down the hair shaft, your hair will be much easier to work with. For natural curls, spritz it on your ends in the morning to liven up second day hair. Adding some water might also help reform curls. For hair you’ve straightened or blown out, use some sea salt spray to liven up your limp strands in combination with a curling iron to create soft waves. Protip: dirty hair always holds a curl better than clean hair.

It may be a freezing icy wasteland outside right now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use summery products to look like a beach bum (or a glamorous mermaid) all year round. #SummerForever, am I right?

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Author: Nicolette

Nicolette is a writer-of-things from the east coast who cries over happy things and drinks too much coffee.

3 thoughts on “How I Use Sea Salt Spray with my Naturally Curly Hair – Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist Review”

  1. I also have really curly hair and never thought this would be a product for me, next time I’m in Lush I’ll have to get some to try myself!


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