Best BB Cream: Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen Review

This story begins with a girl who wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on. That girl, I’m ashamed to admit, was me. From the ages of about fifteen through twenty-two, I had a complex about my bare face. Even if I overslept and had zero time to get ready in the morning, I would choose to spare the two minutes it took to apply eyeliner and mascara over doing something essential like eating breakfast. The simple effort of defining my eyes made me feel human before stepping outside and facing the day.

I’m proud to say that since then, a lot has changed. Working forty hours a week really makes you consider what’s actually worth waking up fifteen minutes early. Slowly but surely, makeup dropped to the bottom of that list.

Right out of college, I quit makeup cold turkey. I was also very sad and in a dark place in my life at that time, which I’m sure added to my lack of caring about my personal appearance.

Everything happens for a reason. Reaching that low point taught me many things- one of which being that I can indeed leave the house makeup-free without bursting into flames or a stranger pointing and laughing at me a la Nelson from the Simpsons.

I love makeup, and that love returned full force when my life shifted and happiness peeked through the clouds, but these days I don’t have to wear it everyday. I enjoy putting it on, but I don’t have to. I’ve finally become comfortable with the idea of presenting my bare face in public.

One beauty essential I still like to have on me at all times is either a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, especially in this blistering heat. When I walk in the sun everyday, I take a moment to congratulate myself on overcoming my laziness to apply SPF like a good, responsible adult should.

My new favorite product for sunscreen benefits is the Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen ($37). At only 1.35 fl oz, I know it’s pricy, but like most Kiehl’s products, it’s worth it.

This BB cream is the perfect amount of light coverage for an everyday application. I apply with my fingers, wait about ten minutes, then set with a powder. This simple cream is packed with 50 SPF to protect from the sun’s harmful rays (which is especially important right now in our late-June weather) and Vitamin C to clarify skin. It doesn’t cause any breakouts on my sensitive skin, doesn’t dry my skin out even when I wear it all day and I’ve seen slight improvements in my discoloration spots (like stubborn used-to-be zits) since using it; they heal just a bit faster.

This BB cream adds just enough coverage to hide redness while allowing my beloved freckles to peak through. Plus, the formula is ultra-buildable, so it’s easy to add a little extra to blemishes to make them disappear.

There are only five shades, which obviously won’t do the trick for everyone. If you’re lucky enough to find one that matches your skin, snatch it up and make use of it all through this relentless summer heat.

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Author: Nicolette

Nicolette is a writer-of-things from the east coast who cries over happy things and drinks too much coffee.

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