Unboxing Birchbox Review: July 2016

With a trip coming up in August, I was eager to check out July’s Birchbox picks. Any sample-sized beauty products that I can throw into my carry on bag will save me money and prevent me from accidentally ruining more expensive products during the traveling process.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that includes skincare, haircare and makeup. It costs $10 per month and can go either way depending on the month. Sometimes, they deliver high-end products that I fall in love with or impressive drugstore makeup finds. Other times, they send me the same freaking brands that I don’t like over and over again (Whish, Supergoop, etc.) or they send me perfume samples. I had my fingers crossed for this month.


Smashbox Cosmetics X-Rated Mascara ($22)

I’m a big fan of using drugstore mascaras (they work nearly as well for half the price), but Smashbox mascaras still appeal to me. This sample in particular really impressed me with its waterproof hold. The formula is buildable enough to get that falsies look without all the trouble of putting them on; the unique tripod fibers on the wand swept up the lashes to create enviable volume and a bold look. Faint of heart need not apply.

Clinique, Liquid Facial Soap – Mild (Type 2) ($17)

Clinique is one of my favorite skincare brands, as I’ve mentioned before. They’re gentle enough to keep my sensitive skin in line while also providing the necessary moisturizing qualities needed for a glowing complexion. This cleanser (the first step in their famous 3-step system) will give you a deep cleanse without being harsh or stripping.

TOCCA, Eau de Parfum in Bianca ($68)

I really dislike getting perfume samples from Birchbox when they’re free at the mall. This was admittedly my first in a while, but it still felt like a waste of space. The scent of this perfume is clean and citrusy, light enough for daily wear and multilayered for a complex aroma. Despite all this, I would never shell out nearly seventy bucks for it.


Cargo, Blush and Bronzer Duo ($35)

The blush color may give off some Barbie vibes in the tin, it’s much softer and more natural when applied to the skin. Meanwhile, the bronzer side makes for a perfect contour every time. Both powders blend into the skin easily and are buildable if you’d like a stronger color, so be sure to go light with your makeup brush at first. Adding color is easy; taking it away is not.

dr. brandt, PoreDermabrasion ($58)

Exfoliation is an important step in any beauty routine and Dr. Brandt is the brand to choose if you want it done right. This physical and chemical exfoliator unclogs and shrinks pores and deep cleans the skin, leaving it bright and smooth. Additionally, it has an all star ingredient list featuring salicylic acid, caviar lime extract and lentil seed extract.

All in all, this month wasn’t bad, though I could have definitely done without the perfume sample. Other than that, it was a pretty high-end variety that will definitely be put to use during my travels!

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Author: Nicolette

Nicolette is a writer-of-things from the east coast who cries over happy things and drinks too much coffee.

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