Goals for a New Year

I absolutely love the feeling of a new start, like blank pages in a notebook waiting to be filled. The clock ticks down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, Auld Lang Syne plays and everything feels brand new again. For those first couple weeks of the sparkling new year, it feels like anything is possible.


It probably goes without saying that my romanticizing of the new year means that I love setting goals. Let’s talk about what I hope to accomplish longterm over the next twelve months.

  • Go Vegetarian: I’ve been gradually working towards this one, cutting down most of my meat consumption and researching/trying out delicious vegetarian meals over the last few months. I feel like I’m finally ready to make this commitment on a full-time basis.
  • Bullet Journal: I’ve always loved planners and notebooks and calendars, but this year I want to try something new. I’m not very artistic on paper, but there’s undeniably something therapeutic about creating something with your hands. I hope that switching over to a bullet journal will continue to keep me organized and also force me to take a quiet moment each night to put a pen to paper.
  • Save Some Money: Ever since I moved in July, I haven’t been great about saving money. I try to put a little into savings each check, but that definitely hasn’t been happening recently. I’d like to refocus, obey my budget and put some money away.
  • Wake Up Early: I currently wake up as late as I possibly can without being late to work. The weekends are a free-for-all, frequently spent lounging in bed all morning, even though my mood improves when I get up earlier. I’d love to start getting up at six in the morning every weekday and seven in the morning every weekend. It just feels like there are more hours in the day and more time to do things!
  • Read & Write: This one is on my list every year. Reading and writing are my two great loves in this life, but they’re also the first activities to go when I’m busy or stressed. This year, I want to keep myself grounded and make time for the two hobbies I love most by pledging to read at least two books a month and write at least two hours a week.

It’s a lot, I know. These goals will definitely be a work-in-progress, but I’m feeling motivated and dedicated and ready to take on 2018! So, what are your goals this year?

Author: Nicolette

Nicolette is a writer-of-things from the east coast who cries over happy things and drinks too much coffee.

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