Review: The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan

What can I do? I can go back and place all the pictures I have left of my life and I can put them together. I can put them together in a book and so when Sarah is old she can take the book and she will be able to see them again and remember.

What can I say about The Sarah Book by Scott McClanahan other than wow? I tend to get easily bored by non-fiction, but this one kept me captivated from the very first page. I was immediately hooked by the beautiful prose, which reads like a strange combination of stream of consciousness and poetry.

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Reading Challenge; Summer 2016

Many of my fondest summer memories involve books. In some, I’m lounging on the beach with a book balanced on my knees, squinting at the words in the sunlight. In others, I’m curled up in a pile of blankets with the air conditioner blowing behind me, a large Harry Potter novel propped up on my pillow.

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