On Getting Fit Or Semi-Fit Or At Least Stop Being Unfit (Hopefully)

It’s sixth period gym class. I’m in seventh grade, wearing awkward red gym shorts that fall to my knees and an oversized Nike t-shirt that looked a lot cooler on the rack when I begged my stepmom to buy it for me. My long hair is pulled back into a frizzy ponytail pulled way too tight on my skull and I’m dreading the inevitable words that always begin my least favorite day of the week: “We’re playing dodgeball today.”

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Resolutions for February and Beyond

I don’t need New Year’s Day to make goals about bettering myself…but it definitely helps get me inspired.

I was late on the new year vibes this time around, but now I’m ready to commit to #NewYearNewMe with the start of Chinese New Year. January was just a trial run for 2016, February is the real thing and I’m setting some unattainable goals along with the rest of the world to celebrate!

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Travel Diary: Maui, Hawaii – January 2016

Traveling to paradise (uh, Hawaii*) was the perfect way to start off 2016 with a positive attitude- how can anyone possibly be unhappy in Maui? This trip had been in the works for months and months. When it actually happened, it seemed surreal.

Maui is the best place I’ve ever been. It was beautiful at every angle; even sitting in traffic was made better by the constant views of mountains and ocean. The locals were friendly and kind, quick to offer their favorite hidden restaurants or advise on the best whale watching spots. The atmosphere was different there- relaxed, friendly. Not usually one to take it easy, I felt myself slowly beginning to power down.

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