Travel Diary: San Fransisco, California – February 2016

Last week, I was lucky enough to visit the land of sunshine and hilly roads: beautiful San Fransisco! The California weather was a welcome break from the current freezing tundra that is the east coast. I was there for work, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t visit my west coast family and take part in some tacky but oh-so-fun tourist activities while I was there too.

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Travel Diary: Maui, Hawaii – January 2016

Traveling to paradise (uh, Hawaii*) was the perfect way to start off 2016 with a positive attitude- how can anyone possibly be unhappy in Maui? This trip had been in the works for months and months. When it actually happened, it seemed surreal.

Maui is the best place I’ve ever been. It was beautiful at every angle; even sitting in traffic was made better by the constant views of mountains and ocean. The locals were friendly and kind, quick to offer their favorite hidden restaurants or advise on the best whale watching spots. The atmosphere was different there- relaxed, friendly. Not usually one to take it easy, I felt myself slowly beginning to power down.

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