My Relationship with Makeup

I love makeup. I love sparkly eyeshadow and dewey foundation and balm that makes my lips shine. I love covering up my chin breakouts and combing my brows into thicker, fluffier versions of themselves. I won’t say that I need makeup– I’m more than happy to leave the house in the morning fresh-faced and moisturized with nothing on my skin but some sunscreen– but I will say that I really, really enjoy it.


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Best BB Cream: Kiehl’s Skin Tone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Sunscreen Review

This story begins with a girl who wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on. That girl, I’m ashamed to admit, was me. From the ages of about fifteen through twenty-two, I had a complex about my bare face. Even if I overslept and had zero time to get ready in the morning, I would choose to spare┬áthe two minutes it took to apply eyeliner and mascara over doing something essential like eating breakfast. The simple effort of defining my eyes made me feel human before stepping outside and facing the day.

I’m proud to say that since then, a lot has changed. Working forty hours a week really makes you consider what’s actually worth waking up fifteen minutes early. Slowly but surely, makeup dropped to the bottom of that list.

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POP Beauty Matte Velvet Lipstix in Cozy Crimson Review

Who doesn’t love a new lipstick? When I’m running late to work, I do a quick all-natural look and swipe on some lipstick for a pop of color before I bolt out the door. It’s arguably the easiest makeup to apply and it makes all the difference, so I’m always on the lookout for lively new colors.

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