How Moisturizer Saved My Skin: Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Review

When they say ‘dramatically different,’ they’re not kidding. This magic elixir is like no moisturizer I’ve ever used before. It completely changed my skin for the better.

Let me rewind a bit. About a month and a half ago, I was breaking out consistently in a way that I hadn’t since high school. At first, I suspected my skin was reacting to my dog’s tendency to curl up on my pillow when I leave the bedroom. Then, after I ruled that out, I worried that it was the beginnings of adult-onset acne. It was getting so severe that I even went as far as to start researching dermatologists and the price it would cost to go see one.

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Lush’s Caca Noir Henna Hair Dye Review

Everyone loves a trip to Lush, right? If you’ve never been, it’s time to visit your local store and enjoy the earthy fragrances, the natural ingredients, the bath bombs, etc.

I usually try to keep my trips to Lush down to once every other month because even when I go in just to browse or sniff the new holiday soaps, I always manage to shell out more cash than my wallet is prepared to part with. Lush is just that irresistible.

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